Julie A. Picardi

Awaken Your Heart's Desires, One Breath at a Time!
Intuitive Readings & Spirit Messages

There are various types of readings available including psychic, mediumship and Angel Card readings.  Our sessions typically include a combination of Psychic (intuitive), Mediumship (messages from the spirit world) and Angel Card Readings (messages from the Angels); however, if you prefer just one method, we would be happy to accommodate.

Readings are meant to be positive, inspirational and exciting and can often bring clarity to a situation by providing the sitter with information and possible solutions.  Readings are by no means an "absolute"  since everyone retains "free will" to make decisions that control and alter their own future.  Readings can be done in person, via phone or at private in home spiritual gatherings (inquire for details). Psychics and mediums are not doctors.  We do not diagnose nor do we prescribe.  We simply provide information as we receive it at that moment.

If you would like to book a house party, please contact us.  We accommodate groups of 6-10 people in a small private setting, at your home.  All guests will receive a message.