Enlightened Hearts Wellness Center

Julie A. Picardi
Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner
Spiritualist Medium, Psychic & Intuitive
Awaken your heart's desires, one breath at a time

Enlightened Hearts is the embodiment of all things positive.  Our mission is to encompass various creative processes to help awaken your hearts desires, one breath at a time.  Enlightened Hearts is about finding your passion in life and pursuing it with unwavering faith, dedication and love.  It is your soul’s journey towards unlocking the creative capacity that lies within you. Enlightened Hearts is a path towards opening your heart to all the universe has to offer.It is guidance to help create your soulful destiny and to  attract love, abundance, health and good fortune into your life. It is a tool that teaches you to look within to find your  life’s purpose.  It is support for those of you awakening who need the confidence to take the leap of faith.  It is a network of love, light, divinity and guidance for this wonderful journey.  May each of you be blessed with all the universe has to offer.  Namaste!